Here Goes Something…?

Nothing is more awkward than the first post of a blog. It is like introducing yourself in the middle of a crowd at an airport. No one cares, and those who may care cannot hear you. So, who am I and why am I gracing the internet with my presence?

Well, first off, my name is Chelsea and I am starting my new career as a Park Guide with the National Park Service. As of this writing, the paperwork is not finalized. But for all intensive purposes, I am soon to be a Park Guide. I will be based in Fort Union National Monument in New Mexico for the next six months. There, I will be leading programs about the history of the Fort as well as performing outreach programs in the Northeastern region of New Mexico as a whole. And I hope that it leads to other opportunities across the United States where I may have a chance to educate people about science, and history,

I have had a passion for science since I was a child. I also had a passion for telling people about science. I am a skilled writer and interpersonal communicator when it comes to dispensing knowledge. Not only that, but I also love researching complex topics and finding ways to make them easily consumable for the average person. Because knowledge should belong to all of us.But not just any knowledge, I am interested in objective truths. How we interpret and use that knowledge is up to us, but first we must have reliable information.

And that is what this blog will be about. It is just another outlet for me to dispense good information. I promise, that these blog posts will have sources and citations when needed, and that the resources I gather from will be vetted.  Because in an age of “Alternative Facts” we need now, more than ever, good and solid information.

I will also occasionally just have a journal post about my adventures and travels: the people I meet, the places I go, and the things I see will be described in those posts. I will also occasionally show off my photography and artwork in these posts, as well as the artwork of those around me.

I am not sure what this may turn into, but then again I feel the same way about my life;
So, here goes something…



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